• The Alumni Association of the Epsilon Delta chapter of Delta Tau Delta is open to all initiated members of the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity who are no longer members of the active undergraduate chapter. The alumni association serves both the chapter alumni and the active chapter.



    Alumni functions are sponsored, organized, and/or funded by the alumni association. The alumni association has organized golf tournaments, assists the chapter in maintaining alumni information, funded hospitality rooms in conjunction with football games, organized bus trips to out of town football games, to name a few. In addition, funds are provided to the active chapter for specific expenses. In the past, the alumni association has purchased chairs for the chapter meeting room, a color printer and funds so support various functions which are open to alumni. As an example, the food and drinks that are available at the tailgate parties are normally paid for by the alumni association.


    Membership Benefits

    • Access to Alumni Directory
    • Texas Tech Delt  alumni golf shirt
    • Alumni Newsletter
    • Tailgate parties for home football games
    • Good feeling of helping young men develop into men of good character and values


    The funds to pay for these activities come from alumni contributions in the form of annual dues. The annual dues are based on the academic year and are two options for membership Purple - $50 and Gold- $100 per year. The alumni association has very limited ability to generate an income from any other source. Your support is needed.



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