Delts Talking About Alcohol

  • What is Delts Talking About Alcohol (DTAA)?

    As men committed to lives of excellence, Delta Tau Delta expects each of its members to respect his health and welfare, as well as that of his fellow brothers and community. The intent of “Delts Talking About Alcohol” is to share specific ways to reduce the risk of any type of alcohol-related problems.

    Alcohol is a significant issue in the lives of students in high school, college and throughout our adult lives. Whether you abstain from alcohol entirely or not, it is an influence in our lives and in the lives of our family and friends. Delta Tau Delta is pleased to provide Delts Talking About Alcohol: Powered by GreekLifeEdu as a component of our member education initiatives.

    Under the leadership of Hoyt D. Gardner, M.D., former President of the American Medical Association and Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Delt undergraduates and alumni have been working to address the mounting concern surrounding alcohol problems in a way that respects an individual’s right of choice about drinking. PRI began working with Fraternity representatives in 1983, and since have spoken at numerous regional conferences and Karneas. In May of 1984, a pilot program was done for 12 chapter advisors who recommended its adoption to the Arch Chapter, stating that the process that people go through in this program was different from any other alcohol education workshop.

    Delta Tau Delta is taking a leadership position in the Greek world. It is the first time a program as intensive as this has been taught to fraternity chapters at the grass roots level. No one can promise to eliminate all alcohol-related problems in any setting. However, there is every reason to believe that “Delts Talking About Alcohol” offers an excellent approach to reducing alcohol-related problems in Delt chapters through education. Your chapter’s part in this program is to help Delta Tau Delta lead the way in alcohol abuse prevention among college students.

    The Delts Talking About Alcohol Philosophy

    GreekLifeEdu, designed by Outside the Classroom, is the new vehicle of education for the DTAA program. GreekLifeEdu is a science-based course taken by tens of thousands of students each year. The course aims not to preach but rather to educate students about alcohol and its effects on the mind and body. GreekLifeEdu also teaches students about the effects of alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault. Whether or not they drink, GreekLifeEdu empowers students to make well-informed decisions and better cope with the drinking behavior of peers.

    How to participate in Delts Talking About Alcohol

    To access the Delts Talking About Alcohol program, go to The three hour online course can be completed at the user’s pace, so long as it is finished within the academic term of the member’s initiation. Delta Tau Delta has a specific login name to access the account and register members to participate in the program. If you are a parent or alumnus who would like to sample the GreekLifeEdu program, please contact the Central Office at

    Some institutions require undergraduates to take other alcohol education courses, such as Choices or AlcoholEdu. Even though you may have already completed one of these courses, you must still log into GreekLifeEdu with the Delta Tau Delta account ID. GreekLifeEdu is an entirely separate program from AlcoholEdu, therefore all new members must complete the course — there is no transferring of credits.

    For more information on DTAA, please contact the Central Office at 1-800-335-8795